Arts and Letters

Samples of John Mucci works

A few links and examples of work, 2000 - 2012

  1. IBM Express Seller System x Mobile Site. Team offering new run-rate products from IBM internationally (Worldwide, Italian, German, UK). For HavasDigital (EuroRSCG)
  2. Customer-facing website for office support company featuring a dozen select services to help small business. For SalesSupport 360.
  3. Virtual Fibromyalgia Knowledge Exchange, for Pfizer. Headed development team with third-party vendors to create a 3-D virtual metaphor, to house information on the condition. For Euro RSCG
  4. Legrand Website. Project-managed a small team for Mintz & Hoke, developing a large database-driven website, merging 5 separate original sites in electronics products.
  5. AmeriCares Web site. Headed web team for the organization; responsible for $14 million donated through the web for the 2004 tsunami, $5 million for 2005 Hurricane Katrina and Pakistan Quake.
  6. Heineken "Share The Good" Site (English and Spanish). Project Mangement for Publicis Modem.
  7. "RedStarSoul" site sponsored by Heineken, including MySpace launch, project management for Publics Modem.
  8. Celebrex Launch, web promotion.
    - Teaser Animation
    , originally followed by the
    - Launch Menu
    Designed for ACG Communications (now Magnet).
    NOTE: You need to have Flash installed on your computer, which you can do here at the Macromedia Site.

  9. Whitepaper on "Putting e-business to Work For You" for IBM.
    Production Management, Editor. With Chris White, RightSource, Inc.
  10. Splash Page Design for "Knowledge Squared", a site designed for Thermo Electron Corporation. Project Manager for Design Trust, Inc.
  11. Review written for the Bernard Herrmann Newsletter:
    Hitchcock: Behind the Silhouette.
  12. Portal Site for ConAgra Foods, Inc. Senior Consultant/Project Manager for Design Trust, Inc. Multi-purpose site for Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business information and transactions. Flash screens designed by Jason Cirillo, art direction by Jerry Tamburro, lead artist Rebecca Edwards.
  13. See a short business profile presentation here.

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