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On Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. the Cannon Grange in Wilton, CT will present two classic silent films with live piano accompaniment. Adults and children will enjoy a short film, “Mighty Like a Moose,” starring Charley Chase and a feature comedy starring Harold Lloyd titled “For Heaven’s Sake!” Both films were made in 1926, a peak year in the golden age of Hollywood. Noted silent film historian and pianist John Mucci of Wilton will accompany both films on the Grange’s 1920- vintage piano.

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Admission is $8 per person, and there will be free refreshments served. Free parking is available at the Grange Hall on 25 Cannon Road, and across the road at the Cannondale Railroad Station and Cannondale Village. For more information, call Cannon Grange at 203-762-1900 or John Mucci at 203-722-6751.

This is the seventh year that Cannon Grange has hosted silent films, with increasing
audiences discovering the special kind of entertainment they represent.

About the Films:

Mighty Like a Moose
Charley Chase
Charley Chase in "Mighty Like a Moose"

Truly one of the most absurd comedies to come out of the 1920’s, this short film finds Charley Chase and wife are unhappy because they both feel they are unattractive. He because of his rather remarkable orthodontia, and she because of a large proboscis. They both decide to medically change their appearance on the same day, without telling each other. On the way home from the doctor and the dentist, they meet and flirt with each other and go out on a date, not realizing they are married to each other. It only goes downhill from there!

For Heaven's Sake!

For Heaven's Sake!
Harold Lloyd on a lurching bus in "For Heaven's Sake!"

For Heaven’s Sake! is about a spoiled, rich young man who falls in love with Hope, a poor missionary’s daughter. He rather reluctantly helps her out by populating the mission with local low-lifes who chase him through the streets into the mission, where they hide out from the cops. He is so successful in helping out the mission as well as rehabilitating the local thugs, that he plans to marry Hope. His rich friends, however, are sure this is a mistake, and do all they can to stop the marriage. Meanwhile, his poor friends, thinking the wedding is off, have a few drinks to calm down, and the final confrontation is a tour-de-force nail-biting chase scene, shot on top of a double-decker bus lurching through Los Angeles, as only Harold Lloyd could do it. Of course there is a happy ending, to one of Harold Lloyd’s most successful pictures.

There are a few more silent film DVDs with my scores on them at ReelClassicDVD, including 12 DW Griffith shorts, Scrooge (1913) and The Story of Santa (~1927).

The Wilton Cannon Grange Hall, at 25 Cannon Road in Wilton, CT
has ample parking available at the Cannondale Railroad Station and at Cannon Center.

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